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Barrier Plus Plastic Container Forming Machine


Through a series of technological breakthroughs, PMC has successfully launched the pre-printed plastic roll container molding machines PMC1002P and PMC1300P, which were unprecedented in the food packaging industry. The former can process 4-32 ounce containers at a rate of 225 per minute while the latter produces 25-170 ounce containers at a rate of 110 per minute.

The Brrrier Plus process pre-prints on flat polypropylene sheets before molding to achieve richer, fuller color effects and sharper images. The new Barrier Plus machine then completely repeats the production process of the two-piece paper cup. The side of the container is completely sealed, with the top edge curled and the bottom 360° double sealed. The plastic sheet required for this technology is much thinner than the plastic used for thermoforming, and many minerals can be added to the plastic sheet to reduce the cost of the plastic.

High-quality printing patterns, protective functions of plastic containers, flexible dimensions, selection of round and other shapes, high productivity, low production costs, reduction of waste, etc., all of which make Barrier Plus technology a well-deserved container A revolution in technology.

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