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What to Look for in a Used Portable Roof Panel Machine


Let’s say you’re not quite ready for a brand new rollforming machine, which is very common for new or smaller businesses, so you want to look into purchasing a used roof panel machine. While New Tech Machinery doesn’t directly deal in used machines, many contractors do sell their used rollforming equipment.

That being said, buying a used machine comes with its own set of precautions. To get a better idea of the used rollformer, check out the following attributes (in addition to the items in the new machine section):

  • View and test the used machine in person– A problem consumers run into time and time again is buying a roof panel machine without ever looking at it and/or checking the machine’s capabilities in person. Running metal through the machine is easily the most essential task to do when looking into used equipment, especially before any money is exchanged. We can’t stress this point enough: It’s up to you as a buyer to make the seller run material through the machine to create panels for EVERY profile and size to prove the machine functions correctly.
  • Check the inside and outside - Exterior looks on a portable roof panel machine aren’t everything, but if you find a machine that looks really bad on the outside, it also could mean that the inside might not have been maintained either. You could even run into a situation where the outside of the machine looks great, but the interior has issues. This is why it’s vital to check the quality of the rollers to ensure they are still in good working condition.
  • Factory warranties and are they transferrable – Warranties are a huge selling point for new machines, but that doesn’t mean that a used machine isn’t warranted. Always ask the seller beforehand if:
    • A) There are one or more warranties still valid on the machine.
    • B) The warranties are transferable from owner to owner.
  • Included parts – Depending on the seller, the components, accessories, and add-ons included with the used machine can vary dramatically. Always make a point to ask about:
    • Tooling/roller sets
    • Computer controller
    • Trailers
    • Reels
    • Decoilers
    • Run-out stands
    • Power packs
    • Machine covers
  • Age of the machine – Luckily, if the machine is maintained and taken care of, it can last for years without severe signs of wear and tear. However, if the rollformer is older and it looks unmaintained, it might not be worth purchasing.
  • Machine location – There are specific environments, such as those on the coast, that can cause a machine to prematurely rust. In most cases, the rust can be cleaned off, but still look for it before you buy so it doesn’t continue to further degrade.

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